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Michael Klepacz - Natural Materials Unlimited | Cam & Otis Show Ep. #277

August 10, 2023 Camden and Otis Episode 277
10x Your Team with Cam & Otis
Michael Klepacz - Natural Materials Unlimited | Cam & Otis Show Ep. #277
Show Notes

Why should you be buying more "dirty food"?  How can we produce textiles sustainably?  And who wins between the wizard and the prophet?  Today's guest Michael Klepacz joins Cam and Otis to dive into the world of sustainable agriculture and answer all these questions and much more on this fun episode.  From how different food systems develop around the world to how agriculture needs to evolve now, Michael share lots of key insights into the complicated industry.

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More About Michael:
Born from the ashes of a disrupted career in aviation due to an injury in 2007, I found a new life mission: championing homeostasis and longevity. Drawn towards the critical intersections of sustainable living, genetically modified organisms, pesticides, and volatile organic compounds, I found my purpose within the realm of environmental sustainability. I was alarmed by the reality of our food systems and living spaces acting as contributors to illness rather than wellness. This insight led me to explore the potential for our everyday environments, from food to housing, to not just sustain, but enhance human well-being. My journey into the world of sustainable architecture, heated floors, and Mike Reynolds' revolutionary 'Earthship Biotecture' sparked an unwavering belief in our ability to design buildings that nourish life.

My passion for sustainability evolved into a focus on regenerative agriculture, particularly drawn to the principles of permaculture. From anaerobic methane digesters to aquaponics, tree bogs, rocket mass heaters, market gardens, and eco-system planning, I saw opportunities to redesign the systems that support our daily lives. In 2009, I swapped my aircraft mechanic hat for the hat of an inventor, focusing my efforts on concept development. This path led to the creation of my own sustainable product development and manufacturing company, Natural Materials Unlimited, in 2015. Located in Poland, we specialize in designing products and accessories using sustainable cellulose sources like linen, hemp, and tree-free paper. My commitment to fostering environmental health through sustainable design drives my work, as I believe passionately in the power of environmentally conscious business practices to heal the planet and improve our lives.

Website: https://www.naturalmaterials.eu/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mikeklepacz/
Michael's Blog:  https://michaelklepacz.com